Studio Rules


  • First time studio users of Morris County School of Glass must complete and sign a waiver and obtain approval from the Director before being allowed to rent time in any area of the studio.

  • Anyone under 18 must have a parent sign the waiver to participate in studio activities.

  • No one will be allowed in the studio more than one half hour before opening or one half hour after closing.

  • Smoking is not allowed in any area of the Morris County School of Glass studio.

  • Access to any area of the MCSOG studio will be denied to anyone under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.


  • The correct eye protection is required when working in any area of the studio. Shade 2.0 or 2.5 is recommended for the hot shop.

  • The named teacher in any area of the studio is responsible for making sure their assistants and/or students wear the correct eye protection.

  • Hearing protection is recommended for certain areas of the studio, e.g. the cold shop.

  • Appropriate clothing should be worn at all times when working in any area of the studio, e.g. no flammable fabrics such as polyester or rayon in the hot shop.

  • Appropriate footwear is required when working in any area of the studio; shoes must have closed toes and backs.

  • If you have long hair you must tie it back when working in any area of the studio.

Safety and Security

·      Any broken and/or defective equipment should be reported immediately to the studio tech. Repairs should not be attempted by anyone except a qualified tech.

·      Do not leave valuables unattended. MCSOG is not responsible for theft or damage to personal articles or work left in the facility

  • In the event of a fire, please leave the building immediately through the nearest available exit.

  • All accidents, no matter how minor, should be reported immediately to the studio technician and the Accident Report Form completed.

  • Audible music is allowed in the studio only by permission of the Studio Manager/Technician on duty.  Music is only allowed to be played from a central music system and as a comfort to all studio users.  If there is issue, by ANY studio user with the volume, or type of music being played, that cannot be amicably worked out among the studio users, the MCSOG staff reserves the right to not allow music in the studio for the day.


  • Due consideration should be shown for individual welfare and for the welfare of others when working; including, but not limited to, making sure that studio floors are free of any unnecessary clutter and hazards or obstacles that may impede passage of others through said studio, whether it be by staff/students, renters, etc.

  • Workspaces should be kept clean and tidy during working. On completion of projects or classes there is a mandatory clean up that will be approved by the Studio Manager or Studio Technician, prior to vacating the studio/space utilized for the project/class.

  • Abusive or violent behavior will not be tolerated and MCSOG reserves the right to cancel the participation of any individual who is considered to be a danger or who exhibits unacceptable behavior towards any staff, students, or renters.


  • You must clean your work area when you are finished. This applies to all equipment and surrounding areas/floors used (usable radius around furnace door, pipe warmers, kilns etc)

  • All studio appliances (heat shields, yolks/yolk tracks, benches, tool rests, marver tables, knock off buckets, stools, etc.) must be removed from their work spaces to allow thorough cleaning of the appliances, as well as under and around those appliances before they are returned to their proper starting/storage locations.

  • Do not leave materials, supplies, or work out over night

  • Cleaning must be completed during your rental or class time slot, (i.e., if a rental slot ends at 6pm, work will need to stop at a reasonable time to allow for the proper cleaning measures to be completed and the studio appliances returned to their starting positions by 6pm).

  • If a work station is not clean at the beginning of a blow slot or class time, a Studio Technician should be notified prior to work starting.

  • After renter initiated clean-up, and prior to exiting the facility, you must check out with the Studio Manager or Studio Technician for final approval of sufficient studio cleaning.

  • Student initiated clean-up shall be overseen by the class instructor and teaching assistant(s) and shall be given final approval by the Studio Manager or Studio Technician prior to vacating the premises.

Hot Shop

  • The wearing of suitable hot shop eye protection is a requirement at all times when working with hot glass. Shade 2.0 or 2.5 is recommended, as long as the shade doesn't impede the user's vision in normal studio usage, i.e., if the shade of glasses prohibits the user's sight when not looking at the furnace/glory hole. Flipping eyewear onto the top of one's head is not an acceptable alternative. Prescription eyewear qualifies as eye protection, although side shields are highly recommended while in any of the studios.

  • All work unloaded from annealers will be placed on the hot shop shelves.  All work must be removed from the shelves within 7 days of the completion of the blow slot or class. After 7 days, remaining work will be destroyed or recycled without notice.

  • When working in the hot shop clothing should be of natural fibers.

  • No wax is allowed on the marvers. Tools with wax on them must not be placed on the marvers.

  • No fluids OR containers holding fluids of any kind (water bottles, coffee cups, cans, bottles, etc.) are allowed on the marvers at any time.

  • Water soaked shaping tools (paper, paper marvers, etc.) shall not be permitted on unprotected marver tables.

  • All powdered glass must be in sealed containers and no open air sifting of powders is allowed.

  • Cleaning in the hot shop includes: emptying water buckets, pipe break off, (please recycle clear into recycling container – DO NOT empty hot glass into any other dumpster except “glass only” dumpster) returning tools and equipment to proper areas.

  • The job of modifying any hot shop controller or computer is the responsibility of the MCSOG staff and shall not be allowed by any studio users.