Featured Student: Peter Lablans

Peter Lablans: Engineer, Inventor, Holder of numerous patents and now a Glassblower!!!

About a year ago when MCSOG offered it first 6 week intensive glassblowing 101 course, the class was full with 6 students in our brand new studio. One student in particular stood out, Peter Lablans, who is  an energetic retiree with an insatiable quest for knowledge about the What and Why’s of glass blowing. Not surprising since Peter spent his life's work as an engineer and inventor. Over the past year, Peter has taken at least 4, 6-week series classes and now uses the studio about once a week independently to continue engineering, inventing and creating unique pieces of art!

I asked Peter about how he got interested in glass blowing and he had this to say … “I was always interested in glass. Professionally, I was involved with theoretical aspects of optical fibers for data transmission. Practically, I was intrigued by the challenges that manipulating the very small fibers pose - such as alignment.  Many of the fibers were manufactured by Corning, and I finally visited the Corning Museum of Glass in 2017. I attended several glass blowing demonstrations there and I told my wife, that I wanted to try my hand at glass blowing myself. She had heard about a studio opening near us in Morristown and indeed, the Studio was opened in the Summer of 2017.  I have been a happy student/customer/friend of the Studio ever since.”

We continued our conversation and I asked “What is your favorite things about glassblowing, shape to make or aspect of the experience you want to share? ” Peter replied … “This is a difficult question, as I am still very much a beginner. I love almost every aspect of glassblowing. A very satisfying aspect is the transformation of an amorphous blob of hot, hot material into a solid object. It remains somewhat miraculous to me how this is achieved.  One stage that I very much enjoy is the creation and shaping of a basic bubble, the stem-cell of glassblowing so to speak. From a nice bubble you can create almost any object. I love the shape as well as the glow. After it cools down somewhat, it gets this brilliant and beautiful glow.”

Peter reheating his glass in the glory hole.

Peter reheating his glass in the glory hole.