November Blog: Our lead instructor Hannah Muller rocks and here's why

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My name is Hannah Muller. I am the studio assistant as well as the lead instructor here at MCSOG. My journey into glass started almost six years ago during my second semester at Salisbury University. The first few days of my freshman year went by and I already couldn't help but to notice the very bright, illuminating, loud glass studio; whose doors opened up into the parking lot right next to my dorm room. I was instantly intrigued.

I came to Salisbury with an “Undecided” major, and spent my Freshman year filling my General Education requirements. When second semester enrollment rolled around, I thought to myself, “What better way to fill my art requirement then to take a glass class?” Before I knew it, class started and I was immediately enthralled. After my first day in class, I knew pursuing glass as a career was what I wanted to do.

What really drew me to the material was how zen and meditative the process of making something can be. That, and the instant gratification that comes with turning a molten blob into a beautiful creation that you can be proud of. There is something so special about walking into the studio with an idea, and then bringing it to life right before your eyes. I cannot think about anything else when I am blowing glass. All I can focus on is what my next step is in the making process until the piece is complete. All of my anxieties just fall to the side.

While at SU, I was asked to be a teacher assistant for a few semesters. Through this experience I realized just how much I loved helping people learn how to work with a material that I am so passionate about. This is why I love instructing at the Morris County School of Glass. We teach a wide variety of classes here, but my absolute favorite classes to teach are the six week series classes as well as the County College of Morris Class. These classes are for people who really want to learn the skill and art of blowing glass. It is fulfilling and rewarding for both myself and my students as I help them learn how to make something out of nothing. Glassblowing is also a very collaborative process, and seeing how many people have been able to make connections with one another through our programming has been truly wonderful to watch.  As students go through the different levels of our six week series, or when they enroll in the 16 week course through CCM, they begin to realize that the possibilities with this material are endless. From different forms, to technique styles, to color application processes, there is just so much to learn and I love passing the knowledge on.

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