Open House and Fundraiser: 2-10-19

Open House and Fundraiser

February 10, 2019

1 - 5 pm

The Morris County School of Glass’ very own lead Instructor, Hannah Muller, is the President of the Child Crisis Center Uganda (CCCU).

To show our support for Hannah and her special project, we will be sponsoring a fundraiser for the CCCU at our open house.

Join us for demonstrations, chances to make your own glass, tricky tray raffle and more.

Proceeds to benefit:

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We feel good about doing good...join us in 2019

MCSOG is starting the new year off with a bang!  We are committed to fostering relationships with the community by partnering with local causes we believe in.  

Here’s a sampling of the types of organizations we will be collaborating with this winter … it’s sure to warm your heart :)

Rescue Haven Animal Shelter

The mission of Rescue Haven Foundation is to save dogs and give them a chance at a new life through providing foster homes for abandoned dogs.  Just as this group nurtures the emotional health of their pups, we hope to nurture the creativity of these awesome people through the art of glassblowing!

You can join us for a mini-workshop and support a good cause.

Child Crisis Center Uganda

The Morris County School of Glass’ very own lead Instructor, Hannah Muller, is the President of the Child Crisis Center Uganda (CCCU). To show our support for Hannah and her special project, we will be sponsoring a fundraiser for the CCCU at our Open House on February 10, 2019 from 1- 5 pm.

Join us for demonstrations, chances to make your own glass, tricky tray raffle and more.

Fighting Children’s Cancer Foundation

This amazing non-profit provides needs-based financial assistance to families struggling with pediatric cancer. MCSOG will be fully sponsoring a day of glassblowing for some of these brave kids who are battling cancer.  We hope that this fun day out will provide a bright spot for the kids and their families.

Camp Nejeda Foundation

The Camp Nejeda Foundation enhances the lives of people with type 1 diabetes and their families through education, empowerment, camaraderie, supportive programs, and fun.  What more can we say? Glassblowing is all about fun and camaraderie, and we are excited to provide the opportunity for this group to experience glassblowing first hand.

Reeves-Reed Arboretum

Spring is quickly approaching, and MCSOG is collaborating with the Reeves-Reed Arboretum to celebrate everything Spring.  Our “Nature of Glass” program will give participants the chance to bring a little nature into their homes by making birds, flowers or terrariums.

to sponsor or inquire about hosting an event with MCSOG email:

November Blog: Our lead instructor Hannah Muller rocks and here's why

ScXrIkyA (1) (1).jpg

My name is Hannah Muller. I am the studio assistant as well as the lead instructor here at MCSOG. My journey into glass started almost six years ago during my second semester at Salisbury University. The first few days of my freshman year went by and I already couldn't help but to notice the very bright, illuminating, loud glass studio; whose doors opened up into the parking lot right next to my dorm room. I was instantly intrigued.

I came to Salisbury with an “Undecided” major, and spent my Freshman year filling my General Education requirements. When second semester enrollment rolled around, I thought to myself, “What better way to fill my art requirement then to take a glass class?” Before I knew it, class started and I was immediately enthralled. After my first day in class, I knew pursuing glass as a career was what I wanted to do.

What really drew me to the material was how zen and meditative the process of making something can be. That, and the instant gratification that comes with turning a molten blob into a beautiful creation that you can be proud of. There is something so special about walking into the studio with an idea, and then bringing it to life right before your eyes. I cannot think about anything else when I am blowing glass. All I can focus on is what my next step is in the making process until the piece is complete. All of my anxieties just fall to the side.

While at SU, I was asked to be a teacher assistant for a few semesters. Through this experience I realized just how much I loved helping people learn how to work with a material that I am so passionate about. This is why I love instructing at the Morris County School of Glass. We teach a wide variety of classes here, but my absolute favorite classes to teach are the six week series classes as well as the County College of Morris Class. These classes are for people who really want to learn the skill and art of blowing glass. It is fulfilling and rewarding for both myself and my students as I help them learn how to make something out of nothing. Glassblowing is also a very collaborative process, and seeing how many people have been able to make connections with one another through our programming has been truly wonderful to watch.  As students go through the different levels of our six week series, or when they enroll in the 16 week course through CCM, they begin to realize that the possibilities with this material are endless. From different forms, to technique styles, to color application processes, there is just so much to learn and I love passing the knowledge on.

Hannah with student.jpg

Amazing Facts About Glass

Brought to you by the Glass Geeks at MCSOG

Did you know that ...

1. Glass is not a liquid or a solid.

Glass is a formed by heating a mixture of dry materials to a viscous state, then cooling the ingredients fast enough to prevent a regular crystalline structure.  As the glass cools, the atoms become locked in a disordered state like a liquid before they can form into the perfect crystal arrangement of a solid.

Being neither a liquid nor a solid, but sharing the qualities of both, glass is its own state of matter.  Glass is an amorphous solid.


2. The “recipe” for glass is relatively simple.

Soda lime glass, the most common type of glass has only three ingredients, that can be easily found at your local garden center or hardware store.

To make glass … take 75% silicon dioxide (sand), 15% sodium oxide (soda ash), and 10% calcium oxide (lime), mix them together, heat to 2,100 degrees until molten, add color, blow and enjoy!


3. There are two sources of naturally occuring glass.

When lightning strikes sand, the sand is melted or vaporized, leaving behind amorphous glass tubes called fulgurites.

Obsidian is an igneous rock occurring as a natural glass.  It is formed by the rapid cooling of viscous lava from volcanoes.

4. Glass is good for the planet.

Glass bottles and jars are 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without any loss in purity or quality.  The energy from recycling one glass bottle can power a computer for 30 minutes.


5. New Jersey has a rich glass blowing history.

Glassmaking started in Alloway, New Jersey in 1739.  The quality of southern New Jersey’s sand was crucial to establishing a glassmaking center.  New Jersey had such good, clean sand that it was actually imported to other glass manufacturers.  At the turn of the 20th century, the peak of production, there were 90 glass factories in New Jersey

new jersey.PNG

To learn more about the amazing properties of glass and to see glassblowing in action, visit us at the Morris County School of Glass!

Hot Sheets: Post #1: Featured Student: Peter Lablans

Featured Student: Peter Lablans: Engineer, Inventor, Holder of numerous patents and now a Glassblower!!!

About a year ago when MCSOG offered it first 6 week intensive glassblowing 101 course, the class was full with 6 students in our brand new studio. One student in particular stood out, Peter Lablans, who is  an energetic retiree with an insatiable quest for knowledge about the What and Why’s of glass blowing. Not surprising since Peter spent his life's work as an engineer and inventor. Over the past year, Peter has taken at least 4, 6-week series classes and now uses the studio about once a week independently to continue engineering, inventing and creating unique pieces of art!

I asked Peter about how he got interested in glass blowing and he had this to say … “I was always interested in glass. Professionally, I was involved with theoretical aspects of optical fibers for data transmission. Practically, I was intrigued by the challenges that manipulating the very small fibers pose - such as alignment.  Many of the fibers were manufactured by Corning, and I finally visited the Corning Museum of Glass in 2017. I attended several glass blowing demonstrations there and I told my wife, that I wanted to try my hand at glass blowing myself. She had heard about a studio opening near us in Morristown and indeed, the Studio was opened in the Summer of 2017.  I have been a happy student/customer/friend of the Studio ever since.”

We continued our conversation and I asked “What is your favorite things about glassblowing, shape to make or aspect of the experience you want to share? ” Peter replied … “This is a difficult question, as I am still very much a beginner. I love almost every aspect of glassblowing. A very satisfying aspect is the transformation of an amorphous blob of hot, hot material into a solid object. It remains somewhat miraculous to me how this is achieved.  One stage that I very much enjoy is the creation and shaping of a basic bubble, the stem-cell of glassblowing so to speak. From a nice bubble you can create almost any object. I love the shape as well as the glow. After it cools down somewhat, it gets this brilliant and beautiful glow.”

To see Peter work, stop by some Thursday morning where he is toiling away, continuing to invent both himself and his art!

peter re heating.jpg

Peter working with Studio Manager and Blog Writer, Michelle Knox

Spring Happenings: Part 1!

close up .jpg

Spring Open House

Sunday May 20, 2018

2-5 pm

Join us for our Spring Open House - "The Art and Science of Glass". Come learn about the magic of glassblowing at this FREE event.

There will be live demonstrations, interactive stations and a chance to blow glass yourself!


First Annual Educators Forum: 

The Morris County School of Glass would like to extend an invitation to local educators to join us for the first annual Educators Forum: 

Saturday May 12, 2018

 1- 4 pm

 The Educators Forum is intended to explore how The Morris County School of Glass can partner with regional school districts to expose students to the magic of glass blowing while addressing STEAM initiatives.

more info:

please rsvp:


Book your private Spring Break lessons now...

Spring Break Special: Age 12 and up

$160 for a private 2-hour class add a friend for 1/2 price: total cost = $240 for 2

( you must take the lesson at the same time)

Daytime only 10 - 4pm (Wednesday-Friday)

Valid student or teacher ID needed

Email: to book



Tons of seasonal spring Taster classes now available:

Garden Globes

Sun catchers

Flower Making


Celebrate Mom and Dad in a special way this year with awesome Mother's Day and Father's Day events



Winter 2018

Custom Group Packages
now available...

Make your next team building event,
family gathering or birthday
extra HOT by hosting a custom glass making event at the studio!!! 

For more info email:


Glass Blowing I: 6 Weeks
Non- Accredited, Beginner, 16+

This class is for the person who really wants to understand the process of glassblowing and learn some solid skills.

Each week students will be given new exercises to develop their glass manipulation techniques and expand their knowledge.

Students get guided hands-on instruction and practice time every week.


Hot specials for Valentine's Day
date ideas..


_MG_0268 (1).jpg

Join us for our Winter Open House featuring our junior glassblowers!


1-5 pm

The Open House will highlight our amazing summer camp programs and more youth options

Free demonstrations and tour of our glassblowing studios.

Hands-on glassmaking activities will be available for a fee.

First come first serve: No reservations

Fall Happenings Part 2:

16 Week Accredited Glass Blowing I

Art #250 - #24701


Join us for an exciting semester of glass making fun!

Offered through CCM: classes held at MCSOG studios


Transformative Magic: The Roll Up Class

Level: Beginner

Two Studios, two transformative experience

This combination class incorporates the controlled design of glass fusing techniques with the fluid natural beauty of blown glass.

Join The Morris County School of Glass and Glassworks Studio in an exciting two part glass immersion class.

The class will start with a hands on- fusing session at the Glassworks Studio where students will make a colorful fused glass tile out of cut sheet glass that will get later transformed through a “ roll up” process into a beautiful blown glass object at the Morris County School of Glass’ glassblowing studio.

Dates and Locations:

Fusing at Glassworks Studio:  151 South Street, Morristown

Drop in hours: Everyday 11-6 or Wednesday adult only from 5-10pm.

Blowing: The Morristown School of Glass

89 Whippany Rd.  Morristown

Date: Sunday: December 3rd : 10 am - 3pm

rollup 1.JPG

Make your own...Blown Glass Ornaments!

Learn about the material of molten glass while

making special holiday keepsakes.

Join us for 1/2 hour Taster classes or a 3- Hour Workshops

available all throughout November and December


Other Seasonal Activities....Holiday Craze

Warm up your spirits with this seasonal introductory glass making class. In this 3-hour class celebrate the season by making items like delightful snowmen, icicles, holidays globes, dreidels and assorted other festive items.