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 Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Chuppah Glass:  From Wedding Ceremony to Cherished Keepsake

The Jewish wedding ceremony ends with a famous bang. Stomping on a glass is one of the best-known features of Jewish weddings. Make your wedding ceremony extra special when you turn your broken shards of glass into a glass keepsake that you will treasure forever.

Morris County School of Glass offers special glasses for breaking under the Chuppah in a variety of colors. Then, as newlyweds, you bring your broken shards of glass to our Studio to work with one of our skilled artisans and transform it into either a bowl or vase. Your glass shards will be melted together and formed into a timeless reminder of your special day.

This experience includes one glass vessel with satin pouch for the shards, plus a 1-hour private glass blowing session where you assist a glassblowing artist to create your one-of-a-kind art piece. You will both help blow out the form, apply the color and work in planning the design and execution session with one of our all-star glassblowers!

Cost:  $350

Final bowl or vase not to exceed 10” H x 6” W

For more info or to book: info@mcsog.com