Winter 2018

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Make your next team building event,
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extra HOT by hosting a custom glass making event at the studio!!! 

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Glass Blowing I: 6 Weeks
Non- Accredited, Beginner, 16+

This class is for the person who really wants to understand the process of glassblowing and learn some solid skills.

Each week students will be given new exercises to develop their glass manipulation techniques and expand their knowledge.

Students get guided hands-on instruction and practice time every week.


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Join us for our Winter Open House featuring our junior glassblowers!


1-5 pm

The Open House will highlight our amazing summer camp programs and more youth options

Free demonstrations and tour of our glassblowing studios.

Hands-on glassmaking activities will be available for a fee.

First come first serve: No reservations

Fall Happenings Part 2:

16 Week Accredited Glass Blowing I

Art #250 - #24701


Join us for an exciting semester of glass making fun!

Offered through CCM: classes held at MCSOG studios


Transformative Magic: The Roll Up Class

Level: Beginner

Two Studios, two transformative experience

This combination class incorporates the controlled design of glass fusing techniques with the fluid natural beauty of blown glass.

Join The Morris County School of Glass and Glassworks Studio in an exciting two part glass immersion class.

The class will start with a hands on- fusing session at the Glassworks Studio where students will make a colorful fused glass tile out of cut sheet glass that will get later transformed through a “ roll up” process into a beautiful blown glass object at the Morris County School of Glass’ glassblowing studio.

Dates and Locations:

Fusing at Glassworks Studio:  151 South Street, Morristown

Drop in hours: Everyday 11-6 or Wednesday adult only from 5-10pm.

Blowing: The Morristown School of Glass

89 Whippany Rd.  Morristown

Date: Sunday: December 3rd : 10 am - 3pm

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Make your own...Blown Glass Ornaments!

Learn about the material of molten glass while

making special holiday keepsakes.

Join us for 1/2 hour Taster classes or a 3- Hour Workshops

available all throughout November and December


Other Seasonal Activities....Holiday Craze

Warm up your spirits with this seasonal introductory glass making class. In this 3-hour class celebrate the season by making items like delightful snowmen, icicles, holidays globes, dreidels and assorted other festive items.